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Digitised materials from the Special Collections in the University Library, pertaining to past dramatic and literary performances at the University of Western Australia.


Published Datasets

Dataset Name Description
UWA Centenary Theatre Collection A collection of items from UWATCH – UWA Theatres on Campus History – a group of UWA graduates who have researched and documented theatre materials and performances at the University of Western Australia. To mark the UWA centenary, Dr Joan Pope and Dr William Dunstone on behalf of UWATCH, presented the University with a collection of 450 print and graphic items documenting campus theatre and drama performances by students and staff from the University’s earliest days.
Bankside Poetry Reading The Bankside poetry reading event, held at the Dolphin Theatre, University of Western Australia, in 1963. This performance featured works by Randolph Stow, Dorothy Hewett, Merv Lilley, Malcolm Levene, Peter Jeffery, William Grono, Griffith Watkins and Peter Woolcock.


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