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Collection: Datasets of Leigh W. Simmons


Datasets from publications by Leigh W. Simmons


Published Datasets

Dataset Name Description
Data from: Men's sexual faithfulness judgements may contain a kernal of truth Excel spread sheets containing participants judgements of faithfulness and ratings of faithfulness and trustworthiness from face and body images. This research was supported by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CE110001021) to GR, ARC Professorial Fellowships (DP110104594) to LWS and (DP0877379) to GR. ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DP130102300) to GR.
Data from: Putative sex-specific human pheromones do not affect gender perception, attractiveness ratings, or unfaithfulness judgements of opposite sex faces Data file and R script to perform all statistical analyses reported in Hare et al R. Soc. open Sci 4:160831
Data from: Sperm competition in humans: mate guarding behavior negatively correlates with ejaculate quality Excel spread sheet containing data on semen quality, lifestyle and collection variables, self percieved mate value, and dominance and attractivness ratings.
Data from: The relationship between health and mating success in humans Excel spread sheet containing data on attractiveness ratings, health measurements, self reported number of sexual partners, and lifestyle and procedural variables for semen analysis.


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