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Title: Access Press papers

Dataset: Access Press papers

Title: Access Press papers
Description: Finding aid for the Access Press papers held in UWA Information Services, Special Collections. The papers contain author correspondence for The Nine Club, Artlook Books and Access Press, all publishing companies with which John Harper-Nelson, Guy Weller and Helen Weller were involved. In addition to correspondence, the archive also includes press cuttings, legal documents, manuscripts and artwork, company documents (such as annual reports and budgets), the personal diaries of John Harper-Nelson and Helen Weller, and other miscellaneous material relating to all three publishing companies, the publishing industry in general, the creators and their authors.
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Output of Grant: Dataset Not Associated with a Grant
Time Period (From-To): From: January 2013     To: September 2013
Keywords: Publishing
Australian literature
Submitted Date: 28-Jun-2016
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