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In Collection : Western Australian Writing

Title: Western Australian Writing: Texts T

Dataset: Western Australian Writing: Texts T

Title: Western Australian Writing: Texts T
Description: Texts by authors T- in Western Australian Writing anthology.
Rights Statement: See the descriptions of each individual item in attached contents documents (‘WA Writing T’).
Funded By:
Output of Grant: AustLit: Australian Literature Gateway
Time Period (From-To): From: June 2014     To: June 2014
Location: Western Australia
Keywords: Australian
Submitted Date: 18-Jun-2014
Appears in Collections:Western Australian Writing


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Sample Files

File Description SizeFormat
ataylor001.htmWA Writing T Contents13.93 kBHTMLView/Open
ataylor001.sgmWA Writing T Contents13.4 kBSGMLView/Open
taylor001.htmWA Writing T Contents2.71 kBHTMLView/Open
thomas001.htmWA Writing T Contents3.91 kBHTMLView/Open
thomas002.htmWA Writing T Contents3.09 kBHTMLView/Open
throssell001.htmWA Writing T Contents5.59 kBHTMLView/Open
turner001.htmWA Writing T Contents25.38 kBHTMLView/Open
turner002.htmWA Writing T Contents41.9 kBHTMLView/Open
turner003.htmWA Writing T Contents42.95 kBHTMLView/Open
WA Writing T.pdfWA Writing T Contents145.61 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
WA Writing T.pdfWA Writing T Contents145.61 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
thomas002.sgmWA Writing T Contents2.96 kBSGMLView/Open
turner001.sgmWA Writing T Contents24.4 kBSGMLView/Open
taylor001.sgmWA Writing T Contents2.71 kBSGMLView/Open
turner002.sgmWA Writing T Contents40.69 kBSGMLView/Open
talbot001.sgmWA Writing T Contents3.69 kBSGMLView/Open
thomas001.sgmWA Writing T Contents3.74 kBSGMLView/Open
throssell001.sgmWA Writing T Contents5.48 kBSGMLView/Open
turner003.sgmWA Writing T Contents41.8 kBSGMLView/Open
talbot001.htmWA Writing T Contents3.82 kBHTMLView/Open

Total Files in this dataset: 20