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Title: Subcellular Localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins version 3

Dataset: Subcellular Localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins version 3

Title: Subcellular Localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins version 3
Creator: Sandra K Tanz
Description: The subcellular location database for Arabidopsis proteins SUBA3, au) combines manual literature curation of largescale subcellular proteomics, fluorescent protein visualization and protein–protein interaction (PPI) datasets with subcellular targeting calls from 22 prediction programs. Overall, nearly 650 000 new calls of subcellular location for Arabidopsis proteins (TAIR10) are included. To determine as objectively as possible where a particular protein is located, we have developed SUBAcon, a Bayesian approach that incorporates experimental localization and targeting prediction data to best estimate a protein’s location in the cell.
Rights Statement: The University of Western Australia claims copyright ownership of all information stored on its websites, unless expressedly stated otherwise. Moral rights reside with the authors, unless expressedly states otherwise. Please contact the authors in the first instance if you wish to copy, use or link to a particular page or article.
Output of Grant: The Australian Research Council (CE0561495 to A.H.M. and I.S., FT110100242 to A.H.M. and DE120100307 to S.K.T.]; the Government of Western Australia through funding for the WA Centre of Excellence for Computational Systems Biology (DIR WA CoE).
Time Period (From-To): From: June 2012     To: July 2016
Location: ARC centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, Perth, Australia
Keywords: subcellular localisation
fusion protein
protein-protein interaction
fluorescent protein
cellular compartments
model plant
protein location
Submitted Date: 13-Dec-2016
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